Thursday, February 26, 2009


I had a long, casual cruise with my good friend Tony Upshaw, of Upshaw Properties. Tony is a fellow property developer, who operates more in the estate business. We are so busy that we really don't get to talk often enough. But today we just started talking randomly and I invited him out for a sail. Thankfully, he agreed. We rode out on the Renaissance, my beautiful and trusty Ketch. (I'm still working on a proper name for the Larinda schooner. The Twenty has already picked up the name Tania. Blame Dr. Zhivago, which I saw a couple of weeks ago.)

It was a lovely ride. We started out from the boat house in Eiger, headed northwest and then back east a little into Nautilus, the continent. When the wind died, I fired up the motor and we trekked across the northern coast of Nautilus City and then headed north to show him some of my friend Avion Raymaker's properties, the Devolin Paradise Resort and the Masocado Hotel.

As property developers we can understand (and commiserate) with each other. Tony and I are very similar in our views and we have a natural synergy. We teach each other things. So although we did talk shop a bit (among other subjects), we also got to enjoy the beauty of Second Life. I had to stop the boat when we saw this amazing blimp on the Nautilus continent mainland, along with a couple of impressive ships - including Jacqueline's Tradewind, my next purchase... *blush*

Tony hadn't sailed in a while, and I don't think he'd had the pleasure of operating a boat with a motor. Sailing is great until the wind dies down! But thank God Jacqueline installed a motor for her boats. I wish the Leetle Cat had one!

The picture above was taken with Tony just before hitting an end of the world section in the lakes of northeast Nautilus. (The continent. Geez I wish they had named the city something different!) We had a thoroughly pleasant ride, even when I got a little lost, and then it fittingly ended after I crashed into someone's banline somewhere near Red Snapper. Ah, well.

It was a pleasure to share, and I hope that our trip has sparked Tony's interest. It is something I would love to share with him and more of my friends. I can only imagine what it could do for newbies to SL and retention.

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