Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Great Elven/Greenskin War

Had a fantastic weekend full of combat, heroics and pathos.
Cristalle went to live with the Elves several months ago, when the corruption in Stromness reached a frenzied boiling point. Although she still owns the general store, she has been happy to be living among the Elves.
This weekend, however, war came to Taure Rhun and it was destroyed by the Orcs and the Kokarri.
It was a surprise attack, and even though there had been rumors of it, it was still a surprise when it occurred. They brought a troll, which destroyed all the buildings, as well as their artillery.
Cristalle actually got a nasty burn on her arm thanks to a Kokarri witch, Calida. There were some small victories, though. Daewin has two of them on his belt:
And we did manage to save the Great Tree - through massive magic to move it.
But for now, the Elves are scattered and largely homeless. They have set up camp, though around the Great Tree.
The process of rebuilding is starting. We are getting help from the dragons. The humans... well, that's a long story in and of itself. We are not asking for it and we do not need it. And they will be amazed. In the meanwhile, we heal...