Saturday, May 11, 2013

Treaties, Plague, Famine and Death. Oh My!

It's been a busy couple of months.  The following is a brief overview, and each will get their own post in their own right with their own pictures.

In a very brief nutshell:  Cristalle was promoted to Cora Soumia, along with Idril.  Cristalle handled the ambassadorial work and Idril collected intelligence.  She managed to arrange a summit for the three races (Dragons, Mer and Elves) which was a great success, a happy occasion.

Unfortunately, not long after that, a magically induced plague and famine hit Mystara, and there was much suffering.  Cristalle was attacked in her shop by the plague vulture carrying a bunch of plague infested rats, and was near death for about 2 weeks, also having lost her eye to the vulture.  Fortunately for her, she received great care at the healer's temple, from the Infirmary Staff, and from the Tari, Tyl'rathia, and Doki.  They also managed to regrow her eye.  Amazing!

But near the end of April, Cristalle died in battle outside of Ered Eithel.  Morgana, her old nemesis, had been executed for her involvement with the death of Sophie Du Pont, but was resurrected and became a demon.  She finished Cristalle after Cristalle had a lengthy fight with the Drow outside the city.  She had a touching funeral and her body was sent to the stars.  Her spirit did a little haunting but it has gone to find the summerlands.

Cristalle is dead; long live Cristalle!