Thursday, October 25, 2012

Still Inworld!

I've been very caught up in roleplaying in Mystara. I haven't taken a lot of pictures but I do have some. For example, my Halloween costume for this weekend's masquerade ball put on by the humans:

There has been some heavy roleplay for my character, one particular storyline that has been very fruitful for a number of different areas and characters, involving my abduction and torture. We just had the trial of the criminal:

And some incredible healing rituals. Alarra (Erana Destiny) has some of the best props!

Learning how to fight has been good. I'm now taking up archery:

And there are lots of little things in my roleplay world that make it rich. A little child that has adopted me as her auntie; political intrigue; and maybe, just maybe, a potential love interest?
It's been a load of fun.