Monday, March 14, 2011

Lazy Sailing

Heigh ho, I'm back again.

I decided to try sailing around the Fruit Islands. If my financial situation changes and I am crazy enough to want to own land again, it could be here in this estate. I would need an estate with a lot of open water. So, a little early reconnaissance doesn't hurt! Plus, I think my bestie would enjoy being in this kind of estate, with so much open sky and water. Still, too early to put all the eggs in one basket, there are other maritime estates to check out.

I was feeling lazy and didn't want to deal with the wind, so I decided to dust off my trusty Twenty, Tania, and go for a whirl using the motor (The sails are up just for show). I chose Tania instead of Renaissance, my Tahiti Ketch II, because she handles shallower water better and I didn't know what to expect.

So I put the throttle around 50% and started off from the Mango Yacht Club. I went north a bit, and then kind of meandering around west and then far north before crashing off the coast of Ziziphus.

It's a lovely estate, and everything feels so serene. I love the attention to detail... things like jumping whales, circling birds, tall ships, off-sim rocks, waterfalls and waves.

This is definitely a candidate for the future residence, unless I become independently wealthy and make my own 500-sim sailing estate! Muhahaha...! :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Look

Blogger has apparently gotten jiggy with some CSS and put in new themes that are adjustable. So now we've got a new look. Yay!


I'm back again in SL. I made a new role in my old property group called "Beach Bum," to reflect my new role in my second life. I wear it with pride. My days are now mostly spent on the water, in as few clothes as possible, taking in the SL sun and improving my nascent sailing skills. It's an idyllic existence. Only faintly has some part of me wanted to get a SL job, so that I can finance my wants for new bikinis, skin, hair, etc. But I don't think my real life will allow it just yet. And I don't want this to become a second job again, so, I'll pass for now. I'm happy just hitting the water and saving my few ducats for later.

I decided to see what changed on Corsica. The passageways themselves seem okay, albeit a little narrow in some spots. Unfortunately I didn't make it too far, but what I have seen is good so far. I was very sad to see some of the changes, particularly the loss of a friend's port in Watchman. Gabriele Graves had an awesome little spot there and she sold the land. Change is part of life, and yet I'm not sure we ever fully get used to it. I also swung by my last bit of land in Excellens, which seems to have been taken over by a beach club. My trip ended when I crashed somewhere off Dura.

It was still a great trip. I love the open water, and seeing other boats, and all the lighthouses. The offworld lighthouses are really wonderful, they add so much character to the landscape.

I only got close enough to see one banline idiot, but perhaps there were more off in the distance. Ironically, it was in Excellens, the last sim where I had land. Looks like I dodged a bullet.

But I did find some communities that welcomed passing boats, and I love them. See, for example, the picture below. I can't express how much I appreciate it when people go out of their way to make an area nice in SL. I'm not going to sit there and watch you bump pixel-uglies, I just want to admire your home while the wind pushes me along. And you can admire all the pretty boats from the blissful serenity of your waterside home. Sounds like a decent deal to me!

There is still much to see in SL, and sometimes change is really good. I love to see others' creativity, and we should be out celebrating that instead of holing up behind banlines.