Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Something in the Water?

I swear, there must be something in the water that drives Game of Thrones sim owners nuts.

I decided to try my hand again with Reign of Fire: The Conquest.  A friend of mine informed me that the sim was reopening.  I had played there last time, but due to some questionable administration, it quickly imploded after a couple of months.  It was a shame, because it was very nicely built, but sim administration can make or break a sim and it broke that sim.

So they decided to try again, because of some shit that happened over at Realms of Ice and Fire.  Again.  Another set of control freaks, but I digress.  The sim is even more realistic this time, which is nice.   However, this time I didn't even get started before the buffoonery began.  These people want to micromanage the shade of blue of my eyes.

I could accept that the eyes I initially had might have been a bit bright.  There was a glow on them left over from a previous character that I did take off, but that wasn't good enough.  So I went eye shopping to try to conform, but every shade of pale blue was getting rejected.  This is more than frustrating, especially when you have half of the women in the sim dressing like Dornish women, showing a lot of skin!  You're really going to pick on me for my eye color when that is going on?

I can totally accept wanting realism for the eyes, being a stickler for realism myself.  I went to a shop where the eyes are very realistic, although a bit glassy but that's entirely possible.  Every color I asked for that was pale blue was getting shot down.  That's ridiculous.  In fact, someone else applying to play in the sim was shopping there and one of the admins came in to help her with the purchase.  None of the eye colors recommended were light, she was authorizing these dark colors.  Evening or Midnight.  What the hell?  They want us to wear some boring blue eyes.

None of the eyes were glowing, they were clearly human eyes although with a glassy sheen.  They wouldn't budge and it was finally put to me to conform or leave.  Fuck that.  I opted to leave.  Who the hell micromanages eye color anyway?  That's totally ridiculous.  I discontinued my rental, picked my crap up and left.  I didn't bother saying a word, there was nothing left to say.

What's worse is, I had a friend who was going to app in to play as my sister and had recruited someone to play as my father.  Another friend who contacted me later might have been a good fit to play my brother!  So now you've lost not one but three, possibly four people.  It doesn't matter, though, because I'm sure that they don't really care.  And if they are going to roll like that, it will probably be another 3-4 months before it closes, again, just like last time.

It's rather depressing but it seems that I really do have to build the place I want to play in.  I have a concept, and it's getting good feedback. The only problem is getting a reliable core of players to play.  That part is just exhausting and I think it aggravates the mental block that keeps me from building.