Friday, July 24, 2009

Knaptrackicon, revisited

I have had two recent comments about Knaptrackicon. One let me know that the situation changed and that there was better access. The second was a nastygram from a member of the group that used to own most of that land.

I expressed my opinion as an explorer frustrated with exploring the wider world that a major north-south passageway into Nautilus was effectively blocked by landowners. I am entitled to my opinion, that is why I wrote it here instead of presuming to tell the landowners personally what to do with their land.

No matter how much I dislike banline morons and other obstructionists, I understand that they are entitled to do whatever they like with their land. But that doesn't mean that everyone else has to like it! And I sure as hell will voice my opinion here on my blog if I well please. It's not as if they cared about anyone else's opinion when they put up banlines and obstructions to begin with. I'm not sorry for hurting your widdle feelings.

As I said before, "While I don't agree that people should be told what to do with their own land, I think that selfish people who put up banlines and other obstructions should be prepared to be shunned by their neighbors and be banned in kind. You have to get as good as you give." That is my ultimate point. This is why people flee to private estates, because neighbors aren't neighborly and they make other people miserable. Only a private estate can control the banline situation between neighbors.

I own land that is at the end of a major waterway in Nautilus. If I wanted to, I could block the neighbor who is at the end of one of the two inlets I border from having access to the water, but I don't. In fact, I recently did block the neighbor since they noobishly put up banlines. Why? Because those who don't listen, feel. I did, however, put in the description of my land that if they wanted to be part of a community with water access, they would have to give access. They took down their banlines, and I stopped banning them. We are back to peace and harmony.

These examples further prove the point that most people cannot be trusted with water sims in a wider world. It really is Linden Lab's fault that they didn't carve out a protected waterway between the two ocean sims, because space and prims are at a premium and it is only natural that a landowner would maximize the use of their land, even to the detriment of others. Even though it may be open now, it's not guaranteed to stay that way.

People can do whatever they want with their land, but no one is going to kiss your ass when you're the one not being neighborly.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Still Alive

I am still alive... things have just been crazy for me in real life. I'm barely here, because I've been moving and changing jobs, and my time has been really limited. I will get back up to Corsica to finish my trip.