Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Growing Pains

Good news! I bought another yacht to expand my burgeoning fleet. I bought a Trudeau Twenty, as seen above :)

I know, I know... I'm addicted. Yes! To something wonderfully peaceful and fun, although frustrating at times when you crash or your boat leaves you behind... but still amazing.

I started out from Grumio and headed south again, to see how far down into Nautilus I could go. Again, those shallow waters made it a little difficult...or maybe it was the so-called smart waves someone had up, but I felt the pull of another boat... wanting a smaller boat that still had a motor. That boat is the Twenty, which is probably the most versatile boat in Jacqueline Trudeau's fleet.

I know I should practice more on the Leetle Cat but I really want the motor. I don't like "cheating" by setting the wind. One of these years, I'll get over it.

Now the bad news: I had intended to purchase some more land in Grumio, and adjacent plot to my own that would give me more water, a big enough chunk that I would feel comfortable making a marina. Well, I decided to go for a sail down to southern Nautilus, just to see how far I could get. I know that I cannot reach the Bingo Strait which lies between Nautilus, Nautilus City and Satori. But I can get pretty far.

Or so I thought.

The sim adjacent to Grumio, Balthasar, has a club that is apparently expanding across the water. Although I was able to sail under it with my Ketch, I felt extremely claustrophobic doing it and it soured me on the purchase. It is hard enough as is getting to open water, but this is getting ridiculous. I was barely able to make it with the Ketch. And one of the people in the club's group is the guy with banlines, so getting around their expansion can't happen either, since his banlined plot is on the other side of their expansion. Frickin' Scylla and Charybdis.

I understand not wanting to have people mess with your place, but it's getting ridiculous. I respect the fact that people can do whatever they want on their land, but if we all crowded things up to the point where there was no open space, or just tight, cramped passages, we would hate it. It is no wonder people complain about mainland and flee to estates. It's the kind of thing that makes me want to sell my mainland and create a unified estate. If the land market wasn't so abysmal, I would have done it already.

To mollify myself, I was going to buy the plot adjacent to the Boat House in Eiger, only to find that the plot was sold and that I have a new neighbor. Drat, foiled again! Just couldn't win for losing, eh.

What that tells me is that there is going to be a fight for a particular sim that is set to go on auction. A full sim connected to the Bingo Strait.... how much money is that going to go for? I want that sim, I have a great idea for a resort and sailing community, complete with a marina and public rez area. But it's clearly valuable real estate, so it's not going to go without a fight. We'll see how that goes.

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