Saturday, February 14, 2009

New Blog!

This is a sailing blog, for the Second Life avatar Cristalle Karami. I've recently become enamored of SL sailing, having bought a small fleet of lovely boats from Trudeau Classic Yachts. I am the proud owner of a Tahiti Ketch II, a Larinda Schooner, and a Leetle Cat.

I'm still working on names and customization for the boats. The Ketch was my first purchase, and it is the reason for my renewed love of SL. Accordingly, it is lovingly named Renaissance, for the rebirth of my second life.

The Leetle Cat is named Lita, a pun on the model name and just a cute name in general. I have to install PS Elements to work on her hull's painted name. I am nervous about trying to work on it in Paint Shop Pro, as PSP warned me that there are unsupported features.

I'm still working on a name for the Larinda Schooner. She is a grand lady and I need something majestic for her. Hmmm.... maybe Majestic itself, or Majesty? I might be onto something. I'll let you know.

I will also post (probably a lot of) pictures here from my SL sailing exploits. In the few short days that I have been sailing, I've gone a long way and I absolutely love it. There is so much to see, and much beauty in SL. I am happy to share it.

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