Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mapmaker, Mapmaker, Make Me A Map...

Okay, that was a bad pun. Don't know what that's a pun for? My God, you're just a baby! ;) Google "Salsoul Matchmaker" and you'll find out.

Anyhoo, this is a call for maps - of friendly ports, best routes, obstructions, etc. in the vein of what you see above and below. I will compile maps into a friendly navigation HUD or set of HUDs for free distribution.

I often find it a pain to yank up the inworld map because it takes forever to load. And to go around that task, I often have to take my eyes off the horizon and go outworld to to chart out my course and spy potential obstructions.

I'm a relatively new sailor, and that's already gotten old!

I'd rather navigate with a HUD and some decent maps. I realize that not everyone is map-oriented, but many people are. It would be a boon for me... ahem, them. ;)

So, I had a great idea. I'll collect maps and publish them in a nice, neat Thincbook HUD. Please make them 512x256, for a longer landscape view. Thanks :)


  1. Hello,
    i collected some maps and tour ideas. But follow the idea too not to see it as only source - so leave the sailors some space to variegate, most like to explore on their cruise and not only follow a fixed.
    The maps may not have the size You requested, but they are nice if used in a browser window.
    So here is the current map i am sailing on or an older i made once for nautilus
    But i follow the idea to have a nice port on the cruise for some extra activity. Maybe a nice club on the end to relax with some nice ppl or a gallery to stop by. I started to mark this points of intrests with a big, yellow dot.
    Dil :)

  2. Thanks for posting your sailing adventures and I'm looking forward to reading more.

    I attempted a run (in a walk-boat - I'm not a sailor yet :)) on the Satori east coast starting about mid-continent heading north toward the Blake Sea. A few areas with ban-lines and water-builds made a direct run impossible. But I LOVE the people who allow clear passage. What angels!

    June Trefoil

  3. Hi..I just discovered SLK sailing as well as your blog, which is a pleasure to read!! You asked for "freindly ports". I am co - owner of one, along with LauraAnne Sheridan. We own the southern half of the Ghulffoot Sim, which is located just to the west of Nautilus City. I THINK the body of water seperating us from Nautilus City is Bingo Strait? Anyway, we have alittle Pacific Northwest type of Fishing Village there, with some shops, a 7 seas fishing vendor and our own boats moored at the docks. There is a rez area on the dock un front of the bait shop and fuel pumps, between Laura's Trudeau J Class yacht and my Knockaround sloop. Feel free to visit anytime and look around and of course you can rez a boat there, for a period of time. If you need to stay longer, contact me or LauraAnne, at least one of us is on line between about 6:30 a.m. SLTime and midnight SLTime.

    There is some good sailing, I think, around there. I have only been out three times, the latest was a rip from Ghulffoot to Nautilus City and all around that island, returning to Ghulffoot.

    If you eve rany questions, contact me in world, my name is Susanne Pascale.

    We call our place "Shrinivasa".