Sunday, February 15, 2009


Sailing in Second Life is fraught with hazards. Oddly enough, none of it comes from the water itself. The hazards usually are sim boundaries, buildings on top of the water, restricted access parcels (parcels with "banlines"), parcels with intemperate security devices that eject or otherwise remove a passerby without giving them a chance to leave on their own, and other obstructions to physical movement.

Knaptrackicon's problem is the water building, primarily. These folks have access to two protected ocean sims but don't seem to care that the access they've given is woefully deficient. It's very narrow, very shallow and heavily obstructed at one end. It is the classic rock and hard place. They must not like seeing all the pretty sailboats go by.

I assume that the folks who bothered to cut a path wanted to have access to both the northern and southern ocean sims. Well damn it, if you're going to do it, do it well.

I had something of an epiphany last week regarding banlines, and it applies just as equally to these people who put out all these obstructions. These folks who make it difficult for others to enjoy the wide open seas (and airways) like to have access to the wider SL world, but don't like giving it. That's selfish BS. If everyone behaved like that, the world would be a miserable place and there would be little reason to go anywhere beyond the corners of your own land. Access to wider wonders is what adds value to SL.

While I don't agree that people should be told what to do with their own land, I think that selfish people who put up banlines and other obstructions should be prepared to be shunned by their neighbors and be banned in kind. You have to get as good as you give.

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