Friday, February 20, 2009

New Group!

Well, I decided to pull the trigger and create a group for organized sailing events. It's not a formal inworld group, and messages would be distributed via hippoGROUPS, the Hippo Technologies cousin to Subscribe-O-Matic.

I'm maxed out on my inworld group allowance. Between my landholding groups, fashion groups, business groups, friend groups, etc. I am just plumb out of groups. I joined the SL Sailing Association and the Mowry Bay Yacht Club. Manul Rotaru has been an absolute gem in helping me find out about the Mowry Bay Cruising Club's routes and cruises. I would love to join MBCC but I just can't. Heck, I can't even join the Concierge landholders group, and I've got around 3 sims worth of land (although, to be honest, that's probably a form of a blessing based on stuff I've heard/read elsewhere about that group).

So now comes the Cristalle Properties Watersports hippoGROUP. Although it is primarily intended for my tenants, I think we would benefit from having other sailors from outside the group join if they want to. Maybe that is what is needed to get it rolling. I'm going to have to nurture this thing, I fear - can't it ever be easy to get people together in SL? I know, I know, stop whining.

Anyhow, any casual readers who might want to join us for spontaneous cruises or organized cruises can stop by the boathouse in Eiger and join the group. I also have a terminal at Grumio Point.

I may use an alt to create an inworld group for the Watersports group, so that members could enjoy the jetskis and windsurfers. Eh, I'll sleep on that. I couldn't even join it myself! But it would achieve the goal of sharing my toys. Hm... later.

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