Sunday, April 8, 2012

One Year Later

Amazing. I didn't realize that it had been a whole year since posting, but here it is.

I haven't been logging in a whole lot. It is sometimes months at a time between logins. And then when Linden Lab made some kind of change to the code that was unfriendly to my video card, I just stayed away since I couldn't help but crash every couple of minutes.

Lately, however, I have tried my hand at logging in and it seems that my video card issues are clear.

I did a lazy sail with the motor today. I just didn't feel like dealing with the SL wind, so I dusted off my first sailing love: Renaissance, my Trudeau Tahiti II Ketch. Renaissance signaled the rebirth of my love for Second Life, after many months leading to burnout. Other than the few close friends I keep, sailing is my true joy in SL.

Life is all about change, and Renaissance is a little dated. Her sailing technology is so much simpler than what is out there now. As much as I love the new boats with the non-flat sail technology, there is a lot to be said for simplicity in things when your life is pretty stressful.

As much as I love Triumphal Yacht Club, I wanted to sail different waters than the Blake Sea. So I just randomly picked a yacht club out of search and landed at Tradewinds Yacht Club. Tradewinds, like Triumphal, is on Nautilus continent. But instead of sailing down to the Blake Sea, I decided to try to motor up toward Corsica.

Bad idea.

As it turns out, it's heavily obstructed once again. Mind you, I made a navigational mistake and missed a set of water sims that connected Corsica to Nautilus in the middle of the continent. I had intended to sail all the way from east to west, to the far western connection to Corsica. Little did I know, however, that that would prove to be an impossible task. Once I got to Cloz, I hit a banline. From the picture, you can see that someone else was also fairly unlucky in the task of passing by, too.

As it turns out, there is no protected path through Cloz or the surrounding sims to get to the open water sims that lead to Corsica. That's a shame. Had I taken the other passage, there would have been a small protected path. Alas, I didn't remember that connection, and I got stuck thanks to yet another sociopathic banline moron.

So instead, I went over to the Fruit Islands and set sail at Mango Yacht Club. It was a beautiful, peaceful ride.

It is sad, though, that people cannot be trusted to maintain the coherence of the world.


  1. Most people never update their graphics driver. Which is too bad, it's just a program you uninstall and install, usually with good effect.

    As for the the northern route, it's very sailable once you've done it a few times :)

  2. As part of trying to negotiate my problems with my video card, I did update my driver. It was not successful. I ended up needing to wait for LL to fix the problem.

    If you've got the secret for passing through Cloz, share. Because I don't see it on the map.

  3. Cloz looks hopeless. Go Nordica, Ullom, Skains, Usery, then west to Wolsey, McCoubrey, Impeller, south to Gogol.

  4. That's the passageway that I missed; it's ridiculous that I can't go all the way around the top to the far west passage. At one point it was possible, but now it looks impossible without a massive change of land ownership and Linden Lab burnishing a protected path.

  5. The western route pretty much hits a cul de sac in Gogol, Trappy is right. Cristalle, maybe you should wear the banline hud, avalable from the TrYC shop ... hint hint ;)
    And, oh, read my blog. I made a multi-part series about sailing the northern parts of SL: