Friday, April 8, 2011

Maritime Estates

I had a thought about what it means to be a maritime estate and deciding factors, other than price, for whether or not I would want to live there, based on what happened yesterday with Costa Rica.

I took a look at the map on and noted the pervasiveness of shallow water around the entire estate.

There are some deep channels that have been cut, but I have a distinct sense that I would have a difficult time getting around many parts of the estate with a boat bigger than a Leetle Cat with her centerboard up. I also get the feeling that there is too much land, not enough water - but then, as a financial matter, an estate owner has to balance that out so that it's livable at ground level and people don't have to escape to skyboxes.

For comparison's sake, I also looked at the Fruit Islands, as well as Sailor's Cove and the other USS sims.

Fruit Islands:


And my eyes were opened. I like the layout of the Fruit Islands, indeed. I like the wider expanse of water rather than the narrow layout of sims. However, the shallowness of water is even more apparent to me with the Fruit Islands, making me question the ability to sail any of my big boats.

And then look at the USS estates - lots of deep blue! That's what I'm talking about! A sailing estate (several, in their case) that has a lot of deep water so that I can comfortably sail my big boats.

What I cannot really tell from the picture is, how light of a blue is too light - how shallow is too shallow sail big boats. I'll just say this - I have definitely narrowed down my choices, should I ever decide to own land again. I would hope that the estate managers take a look and think about dredging their estate waters a little deeper.

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