Friday, April 13, 2012

Getting Around

Today, I decided to sail a completely different area. I went to Mowry Bay and started sailing Oriel, my Trudeau One, around the mainland continent of Sansara. Sansara is one of the older continents that existed before the massive land boom of 2007 and the subsequent land gluts. It's got a certain charm to it that some of the newer places just don't have.

It's nice when you have communities that respect the water, and don't place ridiculous obstructions in your way. That is not to say that I didn't meet upon any obstructions, but there is an obvious respect for the maritime nature of this section of the continent here.

Sailing Sansara was a unique pleasure. Generally speaking, it's unobstructed. Unfortunately, there isn't an abundance of ocean sims like with Corsica and Gaeta, but there are protected channels so that you can sail around the sims. Even then, sometimes what stops you is the shallow water. I got stuck a couple of times because my keel just couldn't take the shallowness. When traveling mainland inlets, you need a catboat or some other boat with a small keel or retractable centerboard.

I really enjoyed the trip because there is some really unique architecture here. And I enjoyed the diversity of the builds; it inspires creativity. When diversity works to create character instead of vulgarity, it's very powerful and touching.

It is a sincere pleasure to explore SL this way. Now we just need more people committed to maintaining a cohesive world, without excessive abuse of property rights. I am thankful to those who make the coasts beautiful and allow us to wonder at the beauty without wondering how to get off your banlines.


  1. I seems there's a lot of water around Sansara. Never really sailed there, so thanx for sharing. I will try to go there by boat and have a look. Any Marinas down there you'd recommend? Or rez-spots?

  2. yes, indeed there are many waterways in and around Sansara. You can sail from the most southern parts in Sea of Fables up to Heterocea (the Atoll Continent), Bay City and other destinations. Sailing in Sansara is something special today since there are no operational yacht clubs, and hence no events, anymore. LCC sometimes has cruises on Sansara, many of our members still have land there.

    And I can't agree with Cristalle about the banlines. They are as bad in Sansara as they are everywhere. If there are less now it's the fruits of OSP and the East River Community's hard work of convincing land owners to leave waterways passable. And Sansara might be of a better terraforming quality than newer continents, with it's steep cliffs and many many rivers; and after LL's cleaning up activities in the past few years, but architectural it's as mundane as anywhere else.

  3. I started from Mowry Bay, and the Mare Sailing Center. I had been disconnected for a long time, I didn't realize that Mare existed. It was right by Mowry. You can rez at Mare, or at Mowry Bay.

    Although I did see a couple of no object entry/banline plots, I cannot say that the experience was as terrible as it was on certain parts of Nautilus or Corsica. I was surprised by how much sailable water there was around the northwest edges. I didn't have to come to a full stop on an ostensibly open waterway like I did in Cloz. I know that Michael Linden and the community worked out ways to get more protected paths over the years and I was probably riding them.

    Architecturally, yeah it's mostly mundane but I loved some of the stuff I saw along the way. I've sailed Blake and the attached waters enough to not be wowed by it as much anymore but I had a few wow moments.