Friday, April 13, 2012

Scuba Duba

I was too tired to post the other part of my travels last night. I decided to go scuba diving! I enjoy scuba in SL. I would love to learn it in real life, but in SL I can look sooo much better doing it. Ha!

I went to a place called Airithia to dive. I found it through SL's search engine. Airithia is a lovely complex of spas, shops, and fun things to do: surfing, tubing, swimming and scuba diving. There are nice cuddle spots all over the sim.

It is a nice sim, very fun. Being somewhat disconnected from SL for a while, I have no real idea how popular it is. It does have some traffic, but the numbers weren't all that much from what I saw. I am afraid that like all other labors of love, it too will be lost in a matter of time.

On to the scuba diving!

The ad in search said that I could swim with mermaids. Well, that's a bit of false advertising. There were places where I could pose as a mermaid, but no mermaid bots or sculpted mermaids to be found. The only mermaids I saw were in ads at one of the shops. Too bad.

I did enjoy playing a mystical harp that I found. It plays Ave Maria and the Moonlight Sonata. If I had a mermaid outfit on, it would have been perfect.

There is a pretty cool sunken ship under the water. If you swim through it, you will find some romantic poses to get your underwater kink on. I passed on that.

I did find a pretty neat glowing grotto with a lot of fish. That's where the top photo came from.

No sunken ship site would be complete without some lost treasure. I found plenty of pirate booty. Arrr!!

After all was said and done, I took the time to explore the island. That water slide in the aerial overview shot above is not as fun as it appears. You can't just hop on the vehicle and slide down, you have to drive it like a car to get down the slide. It needs better physics.

But one nice feature is the fire pit, where you can roast some marshmallows. It sits amid a field of flowers and some kind of ancient monoliths.

It was a fun trip, and I enjoyed getting out and seeing something different. We need to support the people who make these beautiful destinations for us to explore.

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