Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I happened to see a blog post from Torley about tools to make videos. I have downloaded some software and I'll be making video documentaries of my journeys.

To get started, I will probably use Jing or XFire. I have installed Jing so far and it looks really nice and easy to use, it has an excellent design. I am not a YouTube-r so I probably won't need to go Pro, but if I do decide to use YouTube, I will probably upgrade to Jing Pro.

I'm new to this, and something of a Luddite. I don't use my phone for much beyond calling people. I do text from time to time, and on rare occasion, use the camera. I'm going to branch out and become more modern, more connected. So we'll see where this all goes. But for this blog in particular, video is going to ROCK. Especially when I get back home and onto my desktop.

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