Thursday, March 12, 2009

The City By The Bay, Part 3 (of 3!)

The third time is the charm.

I ventured inside Bay City's canal system to have a look around. As expected, it's a lovely unobstructed waterway and it's a pleasure to sail here, for that reason and the fact that the place is just so dang pretty. It deserves exploring on foot, to see more.

Or by hot air balloon, but still, by foot is the best way.

My favorite thing about Bay City is probably the system of draw bridges. That's pretty cool. The design is simple but elegant for most of the bridges, with a sign to touch to raise the bridge. It adds a level of realism that makes the journey really neat.

I am a fan of the LDPW generally, and they have made some really nice looking stuff. Bay City also has some random Linden content in there, thanks to the moles. There is an "archeological dig site" called Molexandria. I wasn't terribly impressed with Molexandria, but it is still kind of cute in concept. I do wish that the moles would be allowed to use abandoned land to put up random Linden content all across the grid. Land prices are so miserable and have been, for some time now. A few interesting, artistic pieces on protected land around the grid could only help.

I didn't see any rezzing areas inside the city proper. It looks like you're stuck at New Port, Moose Beach and the Gulf of Lauren rezzing areas. I made a map, but it needs resizing for use inside a HUD. I will need to work on scaling it. The map is actually a composite of other images grabbed from

Bay City is a sailor's dream. It has substantial open water, unobstructed water passages and great views. It's not too shallow and even big boats like the Larinda or the Tradewind should be able to handle the shallow depths.

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