Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Viva Ered Eithel & Long Live Taure Rhun!

Ered Eithel at nighttime.  The Dragon Temple can be seen in the distance.
The Elves of Mystara rebuilt their home after the destruction of Taure Rhun, with the aid of several other nations.  Aid came primarily from the Dragonkin, and with a significant assist by the Mer and the Humans.  The new city has been named Ered Eithel - which means 'mountain wellspring' in Elvish.

Unlike the very cozy and bohemian treetop buildings of Taure Rhun, Ered Eithel is made of stone, built to last centuries, like the Dragon Temple seen in the background above.  I was instrumental in obtaining that help, and as my reward I was invited to join the Tyaro - the diplomatic corps of the Elves, even though I am human.

Not a meeting in the Ladies' Room... a meeting in the Dragons' Lair!
As Sha'Quessir, an ally of the Elves, I have been welcomed and have been able to contribute to the reconstruction effort.  I was given responsibility over procuring supplies, and with that came the idea to seek the Dragons' aid.  The Da'Ariv, or the Queen of the Dragons, Vanthadriel Tobor Ma'Jakar, was gracious and I would say even eager to help.  As a result of this cooperation, the Elves formally gained another ally in the Dragonkin.

Vanthadriel, the Da'Ariv of the Dragons
The construction was rapid, as aid came in from many sides.  Queen Nna of the Mer and King Declan of the Humans pledged significant amounts of help with supplies.  Absalon's traders also helped, sending a few of their men to help with construction.  Even the fat bastard that told me to piss off when I went to order the supplies...!  Anyhow, it finished quickly and the finished product is simply breathtaking.

Ered Eithel at nighttime, the palace and the temple are shown, as is the guard house and the entrance.
The effort by all was incredible.  Not long after the destruction, the mages started terraforming the land, raising it up to the mountain upon which the city currently sits, creating mystical waterfalls that lend to the city's name.  The Great Tree was also moved back to its place at the center of the city, the key vestige to the heritage of the Elves.

The Great Tree sits in the center of the square.
A few structures are very noticeable in town - the Temple, which was absent before, has been given a prominent place.  Also new is the foundry, so that the Elves can now make their own special weapons.  The library got a significant upgrade, with much more space.  The most noticeable and enjoyable difference is the Vanya Sulie, which is enormous and rivals the Royal Oak for space, but is unmatched in beauty.  The Vanya Sulie has an enormous balcony facing the eastern waters, large enough to support a dragon or two in their full form.

The Vanya Sulie, center.  In the distance, Wolf Mountain, the Healer's Temple and the Kokarri Enclave.
It is all breathtakingly beautiful, isn't it?  I will get some daytime pictures to show off here and there.  It is sad that the old village, with its quaint bohemian charms, was destroyed.  But like a phoenix, the Elves have arisen from the ashes... stronger, with new, powerful allies and an appropriate home to match.

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