Sunday, January 20, 2013

It's Up To You, New York

Here's something I haven't actually written about in a while: Sailing.

This blog used to be dedicated to sailing and exploration, but then that darned roleplay bug bit me HARD and I've been lost in Mystara ever since. But what a glorious time I've had!

Well, that put me behind the times when it comes to my fleet of yachts. I decided to check out the latest from Trudeau, and sure enough there are new things abounding. Now, I don't own every single one of Jackie's yachts. But I do have quite a few, and it saddened me to see that many if not most of them are now considered obsolete, and their only hope of seeing sales is through a redesign. It tempts me to box them up, but I can't bring myself to do that yet.

What I could bring myself to do was buy something new. I had a dilemma: get the party boat or the pretty boat? The party boat is actually the New York 30. The pretty boat (as if they aren't all pretty, but this one is very very pretty) is the Francois Jacques, named after a beloved SL sailor who recently passed away.

There are distinct benefits to both; New York has a crew of 4, and also sleeps 4 in the cabin. The FJ is a more intimate experience, with a crew of two, sleep space for two, and its five sails are a glory to behold.

Which one to choose? Great googly moogly!

Well, I resolved my dilemma the easy way. I got both! Muhahaha.

Please welcome Namaarie, my lovely new New York 30. The name means 'farewell' in Elvish. Fitting, I guess, considering what I've been up to for the last few months. It also continues my trend of naming boats using some form of alliteration.

It's a wonderful ride, and the crew positions are great. I christened it with a couple of friends, and we had a grand old time. It really is great for a party boat, having 4 of my friends along for the ride, it will be so much fun. My only complaint was the motor, being really slow. I may sail lazy sometimes, but not THAT lazy!

I couldn't be more pleased with Namaarie. It's beautiful and I love love love the size of the crew. I definitely intend to have more parties.

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