Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Reunited, and it feels so good...

I really am dating myself, if you know what the title of this post references.

I am finally reunited with my desktop computer, and its superior graphics card. It's the return of the pretty pictures!

After reading about Orca Flotta's trip to Triumphal Yacht Club on, I had to take a trip out there myself. I am pretty certain that I must have passed it on my forays into Nautilus looking for a feasible path to the interior. But as I commented in Orca's article, there are so many places to look at that if you keep stopping, the trip would take forever. So I'm happy to go back and take a look around.

And what a feast for the eyes it is. It's a mixed rental community and yacht club. It is also the personal home of Charlz Price and his partner Fiona Haworth. That awesome steamer is Charlz' home, which he allows people to explore.

The property spans about a sim and a half and is located in southwestern Nautilus. Nautilus City and the Blake Sea are a godsend for a property such as this. I happened to meet Charlz, and he said that when he bought the land, there were only about 5 sims of open water. That number has exploded with the expansion of navigable water and his club is in a very convenient place. It had nice amenities to begin with, but this is even sweeter now.

Charlz and Fiona have a charming fantasy treehouse that overlooks the protected water adjacent to Triumphal. It doesn't get much better than this!

He and Fiona make furniture, which they sell from a store in Devilbrook, on the eastern side of Triumphal with even more navigable water.

Charlz also has some more fantastic boats in his waters. He's got a beta copy of the upcoming Trudeau J-Class, and a modified Larinda schooner.

He's also got one of those WildWind boats that I keep hearing about, the 44. I have also been recommended to pick up one or two other WildWinds, the 14 and 470. My little fleet might just expand soon...

One other thing to thank Charlz for is the change to Devilbrook. That cityscape used to border a vehicle graveyard. Charlz talked to the land owner, who had no idea that he had banlines up and didn't realize the effect of limiting access. Now, Devilbrook is navigable and Charlz is working on getting a racing course through that section of the water. Thanks, Charlz!

He hasn't gotten to the point of having any events yet; his club is only 3-4 months old and is growing. He's working with Jane Fossett of Nantucket Yacht Club and others and stuff is going to happen. I'd love to join his club but I just don't have the room in my groups for it. He should consider a Subscribe-O-Matic or HippoGroups. More sailing groups should consider it, or some kind of listmaking device. I know I saw one on XStreet. It's really late, though, and I can't be bothered to look it up now.

Anyway, it was a sincere pleasure to meet another kind sailor with his beautiful club.

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