Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Joyeux, J-Class!

I am ever so pleased to report that I have the fortune of having purchased one of the brand new beautiful J-Class yachts from Jacqueline Trudeau. She is a thing of beauty, isn't she?

Getting the hang of the spinnaker and the new HUD info display is a bit of work. Luckily for me, I don't give a rat's tush about racing!

It will be a great pleasure getting to know my lovely new J-Class. I have named her Joyeux, to express my happiness. I have also painted her hull in sleek black.

As an aside, I have also finally decided on a name for my Larinda schooner: Majestad. Yes, Majestad breaks my recent trend for alliteration, but I think it's really fitting. Now I just need to get off my butt and start working on the graphics for naming my lovely boats. The only one with a customized name on the hull is Renaissance, the Ketch. So much work to do...but it will be a labor of love.

Thank you, Jacqueline, for these fantastic yachts.

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  1. Congratulations on the new boat!

    I also could give a rat’s backside for racing (like to watch, participate, not so much) and I’m not a purist about how faithful the boat is to real life. I’m more of a long distance sailor and explorer (and sheesh, they sure are pretty…) I just bought the new Beluga 1 from Juli Gothly and I LOVE this boat. It is FIZZ based, but I had previously bought the Shelly 3 and it came with a Fizz Key which you can use on multiple boats. I dropped it into the contents and voila - it couldn’t be easier to sail. I hopped in and enjoyed an incident free round trip from my home in Knaptrackicon around Nautilus, up to NYC and Starboards and back home again. I can’t recommend this boat enough, especially if you want to spend time checking out the view and not thinking about your spinnaker and centerboard (but don’t worry Leetle cat, I still love you!)

    Brendalyn Smithson